DKU Selected for the Campus Innovation Park Business

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▲ An Air View of the Campus Innovation Park of Dankook University Cheonan Campus (Photo from DKU Portal)​

 On April 18, Dankook University (DKU) was announced as ‘the 4th Campus Innovation Park Business University’. The initiative aims to create a modern environment that attracts people and companies by constructing a high-tech industrial complex that benefits the young generation. "We plan to complete the Industry-Academic Innovation Hub Hall by 2027, which will attract 124 innovative companies and research institutes related to industries, generating 200 billion won in annual sales, and cultivating over 1,000 employees," said Kim Oh-young, the Vice President of Industry-Academic Department.

   The Industry-Academic Innovation Hub Hall, which will serve as the center of the campus innovation park, will consist of 12 floors above ground with a total floor area of 19,997m^2. It will house analysis rooms and workspaces in the enterprise of advanced materials and bio-healthcare, startups and post-startups, innovative institutions and accelerators, various administrative support organizations, and corporate-affiliated research institutes.

▲ The Industry-Academic Innovation Hub Hall will be built at the Campus Innovation Park of Dankook University Cheonan Campus. (Photo from DKU Portal)​

   As part of its mid to long-term development plan, DKU intends to establish an 'Open Space Zone' which includes the Startup Care Center and Open Space Hall, as well as a 'Bio-healthcare Zone' that features the Smart Medical Demonstration Complex. President Kim Soo-bok said, "We will strive to create a startup ecosystem in the region that is based on industry-academic cooperation and corporate support performance and capability. Our ultimate goal is to establish a national leading industry-academic innovation cluster that combines job opportunities, leisure activities, and nurturing sites," said President Kim Soo-bok.

   The Dankook Herald (DKH) is excited about the long-term potential of DKU’s innovative campus park. And we eagerly anticipate the continued development of DKU’s cutting-edge high-tech and bio industries, with a keen focus on attracting top-tier companies to the region.


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