Join Us at Damda’s Shopping Cart Event

기사승인 [402호] 2023.05.01  

▲ The Poster of Damda's Shopping Cart Event (Photo from Damda Instagram)

   Damda's Shopping Cart Event is a collaborative effort with the Planning and Policy Bureau of the Dankook Student Council. This event provides a wonderful opportunity for all Dankookians (Students of Dankook University) to participate and enjoy various facilities while receiving discount benefits. This partnership has secured affiliations with facilities that are conveniently located near the Jukjeon Campus, including fitness centers, hair salons, and others. The partnership period is scheduled to run from March 10 to June 30, 2023.

   To avail of the discounts, students must present their student ID card or web information to verify their enrollment at Dankook University. Hada Gym, for instance, offers a yearly membership at a reduced rate of 360,000 won, which extends the usage period for two individuals and provides a 10% discount. An additional 10% discount is available for cash registration, while a fixed 150,000 won is charged for a three-month membership. Similarly, Tim J Judo Gym and Yojeum Hair Salon offer a 10% discount, while Haru Hair Salon gives a 30% discount for first-time visitors. For revisits, Haru Hair Salon recommends reserving via Naver and writing a revisit review to obtain a 10% discount.

   This event is open to all Dankookians who wish to have a more affordable and fulfilling school life or form stronger bonds with their friends. With numerous other stores hosting various events, it is advisable to check out their official Instagram account (@dku_damda) for more information.

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