Danfesta Is Just around the Corner

기사승인 [402호] 2023.05.01  

▲ Students of Dankook University With Newjeans in the Jukjeon Danfesta’s Performance, 2022 (Photo From DKU Portal)

   University festivals are often one of the most memorable events during a student's university life. The Danfesta, Dankook University's (DKU) festival, gained a lot of attention last year due to its incredible line-up. Damda, the Student Council of DKU in Jukjeon, promises to make the festival just as exciting and inspiring for Dankookians (students of DKU).

   Scheduled to take place from May 16 to 18, the Jukjeon Danfesta will begin with a festival eve pub on the first day and continue with content booths, club performances, and artist stages throughout the rest of the event. Damda will operate booths at Hyedang Hall for events and goods, as well as at Waterfall Park for a photo opportunity and their unique content. Moreover, a department bar will be open until midnight for Dankookians who enjoy a good night out. Damda has specified a dress code for the event, which can be found on their Instagram page.

   According to Damda, the festival will feature a variety of activities, including food, concerts, and other festivities. As we emerge from the shadows of COVID-19, the goal of this festival is to create a festive atmosphere where everyone can enjoy themselves. With lively and colorful booths and activities, they hope to reform the festival culture that is unique to DKU. The Dankook Herald also hopes that this year's Danfesta will be a safe and enjoyable festival for all attendees.

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