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   These days, when young people want to relieve stress from the hectic life, they often write in a journal and use multicolored pens or affix stickers to reflect the mood of the day. In recent years, the popularity of colorful diary keeping has been increasing steadily among the younger generation. This hobby is clearly different compared to the simple diary writing practice of the past. The Dankook Herald (DKH) explored this new trend in decorative journaling in the hopes of encouraging more to take up this noteworthy activity.

   Enter any store selling stationery items and you will find a variety of stickers, notepads, and colorful pens for diary decorators to practice their craft. In addition, the number of blogs, social media, and shopping malls that show the content related to diary decoration have increased illustrating how creative people can get if they are keen to invest their time in this trending hobby. It is a simple and fun trend that everyone can enjoy. In the past, keeping a diary would simply mean recording one’s day or managing their schedule. However, today's diary keeping, goes far beyond simply using journals to manage your busy schedule. Hobbyists use a variety of stationery supplies to decorate their own diaries to suit their tastes. Everyone wants their decoration to be special, so stationery stores offer a diverse variety of products for users to release their creative expressions. Some use decorative paper, masking tape, memos, stickers, colored pens, ornaments and diary covers. They apply these items using tweezers or other designing tools for intricate patterns. This way they are able to customize their diaries from cover to cover.

▲ Decorating the Diary That the Dankook Herald Participated in (Photo from The Dankook Herald)

   The most interesting characteristic of diary decoration is that individuals can design their diary by themselves to suit their style and taste. This ‘DIY’ self-adorning design craze has stirred the creation of a whole different style of decoration. People are using electronic devices such as PCs and tablets to create more innovative inner pages for their diaries. With the increase in popularity of paper design using tablets and PCs, commercial operations have taken up the design and marketing of unique diary pages for sale. People who decorate their diaries using electronic devices can buy various paper inserts and sticker packs on the Internet to fully customize their electronic diaries, making them more unique. This DIY trend helps individuals personalize their belongings. Using stickers, cases, and various key rings for decorating laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and PCs users can showcase their personalities. Even Polaroid photos have been used as decorative diaries. Keeping a journal requires writing and decorating each page on a regular basis. However, Polaroid diaries are much less burdensome to upkeep since they only involve placing a sticker on top of the photo. If you don’t have much time to invest in decorative journaling, Polaroid decorations can be a great alternative. To get more ideas about Polaroid decoration simply surf social media blogs, Instagram, and YouTube.

▲ Decorating the Diary That the Dankook Herald Participated in (Photo from The Dankook Herald)

   A decorative diary can help you safeguard good memories and special experiences in a unique way. It can also be used for planning your daily tasks and writing out your to-do lists. To illustrate this trend for Dankookians (Students of Dankook University), DKH reporter Kim has made her own journal entry about a winter trip she took with her colleagues last December. She used the application ‘Good Note’ to decorate the journal entry and utilized the software’s stickers and memo pad notes to finish it off. ‘DKH Membership Training’ was written on top of a sky-blue sticker along with the date header. To make the letters stand out more, stars and glitter were scattered next to the text. Some photos taken on that day were also used to make the diary entry come alive. Memo tapes, colored pens, and highlighters were used to illustrate the key points of the story Emojis or icons that illustrate emotions were also used to help describe the events that transpired. Reporter Kim stated, “This might be thought of as a time-consuming activity for some people, but it was meaningful for me to remember the memory by writing down my special moments. This could also be a great hobby for those who like to recall one’s precious memories by keeping a diary.”

   Decorating diaries will likely continue as a charming activity. Even if you are not creative or if you have never written this type of diary before, remember that there is no correct way to do it. The design you choose and the story you write are what make your diary special. This activity will help you turn your ordinary day into a special memory. Why not try it out for yourself?

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