What Do You Think About the Dormitory Parcel Administration?

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   Parcels can be delivered to almost any location around the world. However, the issue of lost or stolen packages persists, even after it has arrived at its intended destination. In most cases, parcels are left in a place that can be access by anyone. Therefore, it is important to have an effective system in place to prevent them from being misplaced or stolen. In the dormitories at Dankook University’s Jukjeon campus, most parcels are stored in unmanned delivery storage boxes. This system is free for the first 72 hours after which there is a fee of 300 won per hour. The maximum charge for any delay is 3000 won. Oversized parcels are stacked separately outside the storage box making them even more vulnerable to theft. With this in mind, how are Dankookians (students of Dankook) at the Jukjeon campus dormitory dealing with the safety of their parcels? 

▲ The Parcels Being Delivered Outside the Storage Boxes (Photo from The Dankook Herald)

   Keeping parcels safely stored is a major issue for dormitory management. One reason for this is the limited capacity of the delivery storage boxes. They simply cannot accommodate all the parcels that are being delivered. This eventually leads to leaving excess parcels in an unsecured area, outside the storage boxes. Another reason for not storing parcels safely is that the items are simply too big for the storage units. A storage box can only fit medium to average sized parcels. So, students who order big boxes risk their parcels being stolen as they are left in an open area where anybody can access them. The last and most common problem with the storage box area is that people who order items, sometime forget to pick them up. This causes overcrowding and confusion in the system. When this happens a lot and for a long time, much less space is available for the newly arriving deliveries. Overcrowding in the storage boxes causes confusion for recipients increasing the risk of losing parcels. Packages are stacked haphazardly without any order making it difficult for students to locate their deliveries. Carefully checking the label on the boxes is the only way to identify your item. However, for security reasons, the name written on the bill does not contain all the information about the intended recipient further complicating their ability to locate their delivery. Eventually, all these problems combined to cause an increase in the number of lost or stolen parcels. To better understand the problem, the Dankook Herald (DKH) investigated the present condition of parcel management in the dormitories of the Jukjeon campus.

   The DKH surveyed students living in the dormitory at the Jukjeon Campus about the parcel delivery system. 77.8 percent of respondents answered that they often use the delivery storage boxes in the dormitory. They said they were required to pick up their packages between 1 to 12 hours after arrival however, some of the respondents said they kept them there for more than 24 hours. The reasons reported for the delay in picking up their packages were that they were not at the dormitory at the time, or they simply forgot. However, as a result of their late pick-ups, many other students are inconvenienced. Delivery people are forced to leave new parcels in front of the security office or in the stairway until space in the storage area frees up. This confusion makes it difficult for students to locate their own parcels. 22 percent of survey respondents had reported a loss or theft of a package. Moreover, 33.3 percent of students reported experiencing problems with parcel mix ups due to overcrowding in the storage area, and the ambiguity of the names attached to the parcels. Despite these numbers, dormitory management has offered no viable solutions to address the problems. However, students living in the dormitory have developed their own solutions to these problems. First, they suggest checking the security cameras the moment you realize you lost your parcel. Second, proof of ID should be required to pick up any parcel. By identifying who went into the storage, it will be much easier to track individuals and the items they picked up.

▲ Delivery Storage Boxes Located in Dormitory (Photo from The Dankook Herald)

   The DKH interviewed dormitory administration about the status of delivery management and any possible solutions to the problems students were experiencing. They oversee the operation of the delivery storage boxes. They explained, for the convenience of students, the operation of unmanned delivery storage boxes was free for the first 24 hours, but it is now free for up to 72 hours. Parcels that are not stored in the unmanned delivery storage boxes are now stored in the lobby of the dormitory, and the dormitory administration is in charge of checking and organizing these items so that they are not damaged or stolen. In addition, because lots of bags are cluttered around the entrance to the dormitory, this increases the risk of loss. Overall both the administration and the students agree, the safest way to ensure the delivery of your item is to have them stored temporarily in the unmanned delivery storage boxes or to receive them directly. However, since this is not always possible, making sure the label includes the correct room number and phone number will be helpful in preventing misunderstandings. In the case of loss, students are recommended to contact the courier first to check for any delivery information, and then report it to the security office to get help finding the lost item. Finally, both parties recommended students reduce the indiscriminate delivery of orders and to pick up their items as soon as possible. They also suggested that if Dankookians order food, they should pick it up as soon as possible so that there is no damage caused to others. With cooperation from the students, the team believes that the problem of lost or stolen parcels can be resolved as quickly as possible.

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